1st  Thematic CERN School of Computing 2013
3-7 June 2013, Split, Croatia


University of Trieste, Italy

Presently, I am a post-doc at the Physics Department of the University of Trieste.
I completed my PhD in Physics in 2012, at the University of Pavia, working on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy. There, I mainly dealt with the measurement of 10B in biological samples and with the design of a prompt gamma neutron activation analysis facility, using a Monte Carlo N-Particle code.
Now I am working on the computational aspects of a biophysical model of tumour growth. My work is aimed at bringing about an important improvement in code modularity and flexibility, and increasing the program execution speed.
The operating system mainly used is Mac OSX, the IDE is XCode, the language is C++, with the addition of OpenMP, CUDA, and ancillary software in Mathematica. I am also familiar with Windows and Linux OS and I have some experience with the ROOT framework, SQL language, HTML and css.


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