1st  Thematic CERN School of Computing 2013
3-7 June 2013, Split, Croatia

tCSC2013 News

Monday 3 June
10 3
Service in the rooms

As explained, Medils is not an hotel per se, and there is limited room service.


It is not planned that the rooms be made before our departure.

However, if you need clean towels or bedclothes, this can be arranged by asking Irena (or someone else) at the frontdesk.

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Dressing tonight

Beware, it is planned that we have tonight the Restaurant Nostrono diner outside,


If you fear to feel cold, pack an extra warm layer just in case.

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Restaurant tonight

After the guiding tour, diner will take place tonight at 20:00 at Restaurant Nostrono,


In case you get lost during the guided tour (but you shouldn't):

Restaurant Nostrono,  10 Kraj Svete Marije, Split, Croatie, is located in the old twin adjacent to the Fish Market.

Map 1 (large)                                 Map 2 (focussed)   

6 3
Welcome Hans

Welcome to  Hans Pabst , Lecturer at tCSC1013.


Hans just arrived this morning , and is joining us for the lunch.


He will give lectures and exercises on Parallelism.

5 3
Technical Introduction by Giuseppe

Slides shown at the opening session

by Giuseppe

4 3
Schedule change

This afternoon schedule has been changed.

We organize this afternoon, before the welcome dinner who will take place in town, a guided tour of the old city.

Below the new times:

   - 14:00 - 14:55   Lecture 2
   - 14:55 - 15:15   Coffee break (beware, 20 min)
   - 15:15 - 17:10   Exercises 1 and 2
   - 17:45 - 18:00   Transportation to town by Taxi
   - 18:00 - 20:00   Guided tour of old city
   - 20:00 - XX:XX  Dinner in town
   - XX:XX               Transportation to Medils by Taxi 



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