1st  Thematic CERN School of Computing 2013
3-7 June 2013, Split, Croatia

Details of Rock Climbing afternoon 
Sport S3

Rock climbing (level of physical difficulty 3)
3 Hours 13:00-16:00


Maximum number of participants: 12
Local coordinator-1: Avantura, Split

CSC Coordinator: Guillaume Dargaut

Location: Rock climbing place, 10 min walk west from Medils  

Description: For discovering rock climbing with professional certified instructors and experience CSC participant.


Required skills and health condition

  • This is open to any participant , male and female, in reasonably good physical condition .



  • Dressed in comfortable clothes,  of stretchy fabric if you have.

  • Participants are advised to bring a bottle of water.

How it will be organized?

  • 12:40 Group walk to climbing place

  • 13:00 Start of session, Instruction, gear

  • 16:00 End of Session, group walk to Medils

What will be provided

  • climbing shoes, ropes and gear (harness and quickdraws)

  • certified climbing instructors

Social activities

     Rafting - All

         Final Schedule
         (all coming)

    Rock climbing - All

    Photo - All

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