Details of Activities in Sport Afternoon: Rafting on  Cetina River  above Omis
Sport S4

Rafting (level of physical difficulty 3)
3 Hours 15:00-18:00
Final simpler schedule


Maximum number of participants: 24
Local coordinator-1: Nikola Godinovic

CSC Coordinator: François Flückiger

Location:Rafting on Cetina River

Description: For discovering rafting and one of the nicest river in Dalmatia.  Participants will receive initial instructions and safety briefings.

Departure location:  Rejeka Cetina Rafting Depart Peer

Required skills and health condition

  • This is open to any participant , male and female, in reasonably good physical condition .

  • Requires that participants are not afraid of water and can swim.

  • As with any water sports, there is a chance of briefly going underwater. It's nothing to be afraid of, and your head is underwater for usually no more than a couple of seconds.

  • Note that the few turbulent parts of the river will be avoided, and the probability is very small that this happens.

  • Participants will receive initial instructions and safety briefings.

  • Time will be provided for those willing to jump into the river or swim.


  • Dressing: sport shows, soft trouser (short preferred), sport shirt, rain jacket  may prove useful

  • Shows who can be wet (it is also possible to go barefoot on the raft, but we will have to walk about 200 m to avoid a part a bit more difficult)

  • Small-size personal items (camera) can be stored on board  in a  waterproof containers

  • Personal items (changing clothes) and valuables can be safely stored in the bus

  • A warm casual change (e.g. pull over, K-way) is recommended for use after the session

  • Participants are advised to bring a bottle of water.

How it will be organized?

  • CSC Sports-Day bus will transport participants to departing rafting place on Cetina River

  • Participants will leave their changing clothes and other stuff not needed for rafting  in the bus.

  • The participants will then start the rafting journey, sailing down the Cetina River

  • Journey will stop at Radmanove Mlinice, the arrival location on the Cetina River

  • We will all have a dinner at the arrival place.

  • The bus will  drive the participants back to Medils after dinner.

What will be provided?

  • Rafting instructors/guides, eight-seated rafts, helmets and life jackets.

  • Transportation to and from the activity site


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Overall Schedule
Time Activity
Rafting Come and stay in Omis None
13:40 Participants gather at usual bus departure place On their own
13:45 Bus Departs
14:30   Bus drops those who wish in Omis
15:00 Bus arrives at Rafting departure place Free time
18:00 Rafters arrive at arrival place
18:00   Ivica collects those from Omis
18:30 Dinner
19:45 Bus departs to Medils
20:30 Bus arrives at Medils


Simple schedule (All coming)

Time Rafting
13:40 Participants gather before Medils building
13:45 Bus Departs
15:00 Bus arrives at Rafting departure place
18:00 Rafters arrive at Radmanove Mlinice
18:30 Dinner at Radmanove Mlinice
19:45 Bus departs to Medils
20:30 Bus arrives at Medils