The 36th main summer school  
19-30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus  

Benedikt Hegner CERN
  Benedikt Hegner studied physics, history and philosophy at the RWTH Aachen University and obtained his physics degree working on the integration of the silicon tracker of the CMS experiment at CERN. For his PhD he joined DESY in Hamburg and carried out an analysis on the spin of the top-quark. In parallel, he implemented core parts of the CMS analysis framework. He then joined CERN and took over the coordination of the CMS analysis software. He has been involved in CERN's software development activities since then. Currently, he is responsible for the Software Process & Infrastructure project and the LCG software releases. In addition, he is lead developer for a new common experiment framework, that allows to exploit the parallelism of modern CPU and GPU architectures.

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