LJUNGGREN Martin Lund University - Sweden
  I finished my master's degree analysing test beam from a prototype time projection chamber (TPC) constructed by the LCTPC collaboration for R&D towards a detector for the ILC. I have since started a PhD in the Alice collaboration and am currently involved in studies for an upgrade of the Alice TPC, where I am analysing test beam data from a prototype (GEM-based) readout system. I am also working on simulations of the upgraded TPC. Here I use mainly ROOT and possibly Geant in the near future. Another part of my Phd-work is the analysis of anisotropic flow of protons, pions and kaons in Pb-Pb collisions using data from the Alice-experiment. Here I use mainly ROOT (and AliROOT). Other than C++, I am somewhat familiar with Fortran and Matlab. In operating systems, I am familiar with Linux and Windows.