PERREY Hanno DESY, Hamburg - Germany
  I am currently working as Fellow at DESY in Hamburg, Germany. My main activities are test beam studies for the CMS phase-I pixel barrel upgrade and the development of a high-rate pixel beam telescope within the European AIDA project. Together with a colleague I coordinate the development on EUTelescope, a generic test beam data analysis framework based on ILCSoft's Marlin application framework and written in C++. I also work on improvements and modifications of EUDAQ, a flexible and multi-threaded data acquisition framework written in C++, used in the telescope data taking. Both EUTelescope and EUDAQ are in use by various groups, and I participate in the user support. For the CMS test beam studies I work on the client-side test suit software that communicates with the testboard/ROC, mainly on UI and USB communication.