CERN School of Computing 2013
19-30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus

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CSC2013 Photo Gallery
Outdoor Sports-Day
Outdoor Sports-Day - Select your option before Mon 19  23:00 Everyone Closed
Sunday Excursion
Register to Sunday Excursion before Fri  23  11:30  Everyone Closed
Present. by Students
Propose Presentations
View proposals posted so far
before Tue 27  11:30 Only if interested Closed
Tennis Tournament
Register to Tennis Afternoon
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before Tue 27  11:30 Only if interested Closed
Register to the examination
(no late registration possible)
before Tue 27  23:00  Only if interested Closed
Football Match
Register to Football Match
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before Wed 28  11:30 Only if interested Closed
Closing Dinner
Register to Closing Dinner
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before Thu 29  23:00 Everyone Closed
Eval. Questionnaire
School Evaluation Questionnaire before:10 Sept. 2013 Everyone Closed
iCSC2014 Preparatory Forum
before: 15 Oct 2013 Only if interested Closed


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