Lecture 5

Theme: Introduction to Computer Vision

Lecture: Introduction to object recognition and scene understanding

A few questions addressed in the lecture

Monday  25 February




Introduction to object recognition and scene understanding

Samuele Carli
Martin Hellmich


This lecture gives an introduction to object recognition. It expands the topic of stereo vision and describes different object recognition techniques, involving object discrimination through texture and geometric properties (like shape, occlusion and overlapping of objects) to perform both instance recognition and classification.
It gives a soft comparison between artificial recognition and how the human brain recognizes items in its environment.

Audience and benefits
This lecture targets everyone interested in the topic of artificial object recognitors and classifiers, as well as techniques for texture and geometric properties discrimination.

After this lecture the attendees are able to understand the main challenges which computer vision is facing as well as some of the basic ideas and musings behind existing and future solutions.

This lecture can be followed by anyone having interest in the subject and with basic knowledge of linear algebra. The preceding lectures of this series are recommended if you are not familiar with the concepts of image manipulation and vision systems or image's features detection and 3D reconstruction.
Nevertheless the main concepts explained in this lecture will be understandable by everyone..