Questions addressed at iCSC2013
  • Can CPUs and GPUs run in parallel?

  • GPU computing vs CPU-only code: what perf. gain?

  • Are GPUs ready for real-time applications?

  • Can you imagine a fully programmable Low-Level trigger?

  • How do we see the world?
  • Is that a face or two vases?
  • What's a 3D camera? How does it work?
  • Will your car see better than you?
  • Does an optical illusion trick a computer?
  • What is computer vision?
  • Isn't computer vision just image processing?
  • Is testing different for deployment and operation?

  • What testing tools are available at each phase?

  • How LHC software is tested?

  • How are the LHC experiments exploiting their resources?
  • Will the Grid will evolve and if so how?


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