Registration to iCSC2013

Attend freely  ... but Register to secure a printed version of the handouts


Attendance to iCSC is free. However prior registration will help us in the logistics, and registrants will get a printed version of the handouts when arriving.

To get hard-copy handouts on your arrival (1), please register  by email as explained below.


A limited number of booklets will be printed:
First registered, first served.


(1) Note: Handouts will not be sent, they will have to be picked up 


To register, send an email to Fabienne (dot) Baud-Lavigne (at) cern (dot) ch with the following information, by Friday 22 February 2013 - 14:00 :


First name:

Last name:





In case you are based outside CERN:

  • If you already do have a CERN access card, just use it to enter the site.

  • If you have no CERN access card, you are expected to provide the name of someone at CERN (a guarantor) who will vouch for you.

    • Register by email as explained above with the name of your guarantor.

    • After verification with the guarantor, an access card will be prepared for you.

    • Failure to do so will prevent you to enter the site.