iCSC 20013 Lecturer Biographies

at the time of the school


Samuele CARLI

CERN, Geneva - Switzerland

 I currently work on the author disambiguation facility for INSPIRE, the CERN's digital library.My work is focused on approximating the solution of a hard, constantly evolving problem using high level techniques, parallel and distributed computing as well as crowd-sourcing based algorithm supervision; this involves research on cutting edge multi-staged data clustering algorithms, exploration of possibilities for optimization and parallelization of such algorithms and research in techniques to allow fast re- computation upon small input data changes. I am familiar with high level languages as Python (main language used in INSPIRE), matlab-like and java as well as C, C++. I am usually working with UNIX like operating systems.  I am as well a M.Sc. student in computer science at UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze specializing in numerical analysis and parallel computing; I have broad and strong interests across many fields, especially physics, mathematics and electronics.


CERN, Geneva - Switzerland

I am currently working as a fellow in the CERN IT department for the Experiment Support group. The majority of my effort is in the development and integration of a common framework used to handle the analysis of the LHC experiments data distributed over the Grid. In the past I've been working in the CMS workload management system, taking care of the end user analysis. The underlying infrastructure of these tools is written in Python programming language and introduces a multilayered server environment which uses new technologies such as NoSQL databases (namely CouchDB) and RESTFull based web services. Another of my current responsibility is the evaluation of Cloud computing resources usage for the LHC experiments workflows. During my fellowship I have also contributed to the Experiment Dashboard by improving its job monitoring reliability and implement the Oracle routines to handle the data popularity information.


CERN, Geneva - Switzerland

 I am currently a fellow in the Grid Data Management section at CERN. I am involved in EUDAT, a project to design and build a common data infrastructure for researchers in Europe.  I studied Computer Science in Magdeburg, Germany and Distributed Scientific Computing in Edinburgh. The latter brought him in contact with the WLCG and CERN, so I decided for a openlab internship. My interests lie in large-scale data management and processing, as well as machine learning and all its applications. If I do not work, I am either biking or skiing, depending on the weather.


CERN, Geneva - Switzerland

I work at the IT-ES group, in which I am the main developer and coordinator of HammerCloud, the functional testing tool for grid sites of ATLAS, CMS and LHCb. This tool submits more than 115,000 grid jobs world-wide daily and has improved the ATLAS analysis reliability by 50%. Also, I'm involved in the HelixNebula project, to develop a cloud computing infrastructure for science. Finally, I'm becoming an ATLAS Computing Manager on Duty. 
I finished past year my Research MSc, after obtaining a MSc in Computing in Spain and currently I am also working on my PhD. Before CERN, I have worked at Google. I use, administer and maintain a cluster of 17 machines for HammerCloud, work with shell scripting, Python, SQL, high replication and high performance clusters. 


CERN, Geneva - Switzerland

I am a technical student in PH-SFT group at CERN and MSc student in High Energy Physics at the University of Pisa. I am currently working on the development of a real-time software Level 0 trigger using multicore CPUs, accelerators and high performance networks for the NA62 experiment at CERN.  Since 2010 I have worked with CERN openlab on parallelization of RooFit and on numerical accuracy of Minuit. I have good experience with: C, C++, Python, Perl and bash scripting.  Parallel extensions: OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL, TBB, pThreads, MPI.