6th  Inverted  CERN School of Computing 2013
25-26 February, CERN

iCSC2013 News

04 24 Feb 2013

Handouts files available
You may download the pdf files of each lecture.

The files contain one slide per page so that slide details can be comfortably displayed on your screen whilst attending the class.

03 11 Feb 2013

All former CSC2012 students in Uppsala who registered are invited to participate in a dinner in Restaurant No 1, together with CSC2012  lecturers and organizers.

Place: Restaurant No. 1 (main building), "Glass box"
Date: Monday 25 February 2013
Time: 19:00

02 04 Feb 2013

Registration to iCSC is open . Do it now!

Registration is not mandatory (access is free)  but those who registered will get a copy of the printed handouts.


20 Jan 2013

Welcome to the iCSC2013 news

You will find here timely practical details such as registration dates, availability of proceedings, special events, any post-event activities, ...

François Fluckiger, Director, CERN School of Computing



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25-26 February 2013


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