Welcome to School@chep06

It has become a tradition is many conferences to organize tutorials during the days preceding the main events.

This usually allows attendees to get familiar with some of the topics in an academic-style manner, and therefore increase the effectiveness of their participation.

chep is no exception, and we inaugurate with chep06 a tutorial programme that we called School@chep06.


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This first school is organized in collaboration with the CERN School of Computing (CSC). It also capitalizes on the experience gained  with the inverted CSC (iCSC),  where young attendees to the previous school turned into teachers, combining their skills and going one step further.

Six topics have been selected for school@chep06, 3 of them delivered by experienced lecturers, and three others by younger specialists having taught at the last iCSC.

The programme, a mix of fundamental and novel subjects, has been designed to meet the needs not only of conference attendees, but also of local engineers or computer scientists interested in getting either an overview or a in-depth presentation of some of the most challenging and timely topics.

François Fluckiger
School coordinator


A few questions

  • Do you know how different Grid Computing Technologies are from other computing techniques?

  • Do you know what is a digital certificate and how certificate-based authentication works?

  • Do you know why Internet can be congested and what techniques exist to try and prevent it?

  • Do you know how TCP should be tuned for better performance?

  • Do you know which specific protocols are required to support Audio and Video over the Internet, and why?

  • What are the top 10 attacks ever performed?

  • What are the common security pitfalls when developing software and how to avoid them?

  • Do you know how you can benefit from using enterprise design patterns in your applications?

  • Are you fully satisfied with the tools and methods to manage your software projects?

  • How can I store XML in my database, or generate XML from it?

  • Do you know how to read an execution plan?

All the answers at School@chep06


What is School@chep06?

School@chep06 is a programme of tutorials associated with chep06.

When does it take place?

School@chep06 takes place the week-end preceding the chep06 conference: Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of February 2006.

Why a school a chep06?

The objective of School@chep06 is twofold:

·          School@chep06 will provide background knowledge to attendees of the conference, increasing the efficiency of their participation.

·          School@chep06 will also offer to local computer scientists who may not attend the conference, a unique opportunity to discover new hot topics or to deepen their knowledge in several others.

What is the format of the school?

The programme is formed of 6 independent though consistent lecture series.  Each lecture series comprises 3 hours and lasts one half-day   

The programme comprises 16 hours of tuition in total.

How are the two days organized?

Two lecture series take place on the Saturday 11PthP, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Four lecture series take place the Sunday 12PthP: two series in parallel in the morning, and the two other series in parallel in the afternoon.

Participants are free to select the series they wish to attend the second day. 

At the end of the second day, a short summary of each of the Sunday parallel series will be proposed, for those participants having selected another series.

What type of tuition is offered?

The lecture series are of two types:

1.       Three lecture series on Fundamentals  

2.       Three lecture series on Advanced or Novel topics

What are the 6 lecture series?

Lecture series on Fundamentals:

1.       Fundamentals of Grid Technologies

2.       Computer Security 1: Cryptography and Security Protocols

3.       Fundamentals of Networking QoS

Lecture series on Advanced or Novel topics:

4.       Computer Security 2: From Theory to Implementation

5.       HPragmatic Software EngineeringH

6.       Working with databases and database-centric interfaces

Where does the team of lecturers come from?

The lecturer team capitalizes on the experience gained at the CERN School of Computing (CSC) as well as on the recent experience of the Inverted School (iCSC): “Where students turn into teachers”.

·          The programme on fundamentals will be taught by three experienced lecturers.

·          The programme on more advanced topics will be taught by three younger lecturers, all former successful lecturers at the 1PstP Inverted School given at CERN in 2005.

Who are the


Lecture Series




Fundamentals of Grid Technologies

Rüdiger Berlich

Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (FZK)
Karlsruhe, Germany


Computer Security 1:
Cryptography and Security Protocols

Alberto Pace

Geneva, Switzerland


Fundamentals of Networking QoS

François Flückiger

Geneva, Switzerland


Computer Security 2:
From Theory to Implementation

Sebastian Lopienski

Geneva, Switzerland


HPragmatic Software EngineeringH

Brice Copy

Geneva, Switzerland


Working with databases and database-centric interfaces

HZornitsa ZaharievaH

Geneva, Switzerland


What material will be made available?

The presentation material will be distributed to the participants in the form of a complete booklet at the beginning of the school.


François Fluckiger                              Coordinator

Sunanda Banerjee                              Local Organizer

Leena Chandran-Wadia                    Local Organizer

Fabienne Baud-Lavigne                    Administrative Assistant

For more information, contact Fabienne (dot) Baud-Lavigne (at) cern (dot) ch