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Application - ASCI students


For ASCI students the cost of the School will be paid directly by ASCI and covers tuition, full board and lodging at the Hotel Zuiderduin from dinner on Sunday, 8 September for the whole period of their stay, as well as coffee or tea during the morning and afternoon breaks and some social activities, details of which will be given at a later date. It does not include travel expenses from the participants' home institutes to Egmond aan Zee and back.


If you have a WWW viewer that supports forms, then you may fill out and submit the CSC '96 WWW application form for ASCI students.

If you choose not to use the Web, then you need you fill out a printed copy of the plain text version of the application form.

When applying to attend the School, each student is requested to provide a summary in English of about 100 words, describing her/his current work. The School booklet, which will be distributed to all participants before the beginning of the School, will include the summaries of the selected students. Applicants who have an electronic e-mail address should indicate this on the right-hand side of the summary. This will facilitate further contact between participants. The summary may be sent separately by e-mail to You will find an example of an e-mail summary under "Example of summary".

ASCI candidates should forward the completed application form to:

J.F.M. Tonino

The relevant addresses can be found in the section "Enquiries and Correspondence".

The deadline for receipt of applications is 31 May 1996.


The selection of the students will be made by the ASCI Board and the students will be informed of the outcome of their application in the first half of June 1996.


In all cases of withdrawal or cancellation, whether last-minute or otherwise, the choice of a replacement, if any, will lie entirely with the ASCI Board and not with the laboratory concerned.

Enquiries and Correspondence

Enquiries and correspondence related to the School should be addressed to:

J.F.M. Tonino

Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI)
Department of Computer Science
Delft University of Technology
P.O. Box 356 NL-2600 AJ Delft
The Netherlands

+31 15-2788032
+31 15-2787141

Example of summary

First name and surname ---- e-mail address:
I am working with the Computer Centre at GSI. My present area of work is the integrated network and system management for the heterogeneous computer cluster at GSI. This requires a knowledge of network architectures, protocols and tools as well as an understanding of the management of a distributed computer cluster. For my Ph.D I designed and implemented a software (second level) trigger system for the Kaon spectrometer at GSI and I participated in the development of a VME-based data acquisition system.

I am familiar with RS/6000 (IBM), HP, AXP/alpha (DEC) workstations and Vax and the operations systems Unix (AIX, HP-UX) and VMS. I am familiar with shell scripting and DCL and the programming languages C, Fortran90, PL/I, Pascal and 68k-Assembler.

WWW application form for ASCI students


Family name
First name
Name to be used for badge
Your e-mail address

Sex Date of birth (DD MM YY)

Would like to attend:
First week
Both weeks (only for a limited number of persons)

Address of home institute or department:

Field of specialization:

Computing Science

University education:

From: To: Attended
Qualifications Obtained
Present Stage Of Studies

For what qualification are you working at present?

When do you expect to obtain it ?

Have you applied to attend any of the previous schools organised by CERN?

Yes. If so:
Which? Of which year?
Was your application accepted or rejected ?

Please state whether mail dispatched between May and August 1996 should be addressed to:

Your home institute as above ?
If not, specify alternative address:

Brief description of your current work:

Provide a 100-word description of your current work and indicate the computer(s) and programming language(s) with which you are familiar. A sample description is provided in Example of summary, above.

Other comments:

Please add below any information that does not fit anywhere else in this form:

all information typed in.

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