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Keynote Opening Ceremony
Rolf Heuer “The LHC and beyond PDF
Presentation - Opening Ceremony
Frédéric Hemmer “CERN Computing Centre PDF

Goettingen Physics History Talk
Michael Uhrmacher Goettingen Physics History Talk PDF

Presentations by CSC students

David Horat Response Time Optimization in Web Applications PDF
Markus Osterhoff MPI on a non-dedicated "cluster"  PDF
Juan Manuel Caicedo Carvajal Screen: The Swiss knife for remote sessions PDF
Luis Fernando Munoz Mejias Improving the traceability of your code while keeping it clean  PDF
Malte Nuhn What does my machine really do? - Using Systemtap to analyze performance and functional problems  PDF

Lecture Handouts updates

Track Lecturer Material
Data Technologies

A. Pace

Lecture 3 & 4
B. Panzer L1 & L2   - Material DT-Exercises
Base Technologies P. Buncic Virtualisation L1 & L2

B. Jacobsen

Tools and Techniques L1 - L2 - L3 - extra

A. Pace

Computer Security
S. Lopienski Creating Secure Software
A. Nowak Comput. Archt L3
S. Jarp Comput. Archt. L1 & L2
Physics Computing

R. Frühwirth

General Introduction
A. Heikkinen Data Analysis L3 & L4

A. Naumann

B. Bellenot

Introduction to ROOT
I. Puljak Data Analysis L1 & L2 Exercise1&2