Role of Other Bodies

Responsibilities of Theme Coordinators

The scientific content of a Theme is under the responsibility of the Theme Coordinator. The work must be carried in close interaction with the School Director and the other thes coordinators. The responsibilities include:

  • Proposing lecturers

  • Contacting potential lecturers. Preliminary enquiries are usually made verbally, followed by a formal letter of confirmation from the School Director when speakers have accepted in principle

  • Lecturers must be made aware of the fact that our event is a School and not a conference and that their lectures must be tailored accordingly.

  • Determining the specific contents of the lectures and their duration

  • Agreeing on the outlines of the exercises, if applicable

  • Ensuring continuity with other Themes when there is potential overlap

  • Harmonising all lectures in the Theme, in particular concerning the content and the level of the lectures

  • Preparing a description of the Theme and submitting it to the School Director

Theme Coordinators are welcome to attend part of the School so as to introduce the Theme and coordinate the lectures at the School.

Responsibilities of Lecturers

High quality lecturing is essential for the success of the School. Lecturers do not simply fly in, give their talk, and leave. They are encouraged to be present at the School for one or two days, before and/or after their lecturing time,  to mix in with the students during meals, free time and social events, in order to optimise the student/lecturer relationship and to promote a good and beneficial atmosphere.

Furthermore, they are most welcome to contribute to the organization and running of the sport programme.

The responsibilities include:

  • the provision of a description of their lecture series, as well as for their individual lectures/exercises for advance   distribution to the students

  • the provision of handout material for advance distribution to the students

  • giving the agreed number of lectures, each of which is normally scheduled to last 55 minutes, including some short time for immediate discussion

Lecturers are expected to provide questions for the final examination in close liaison with the Examination Officer. Lecturers who are  present on the school site at the time of the examination are ex-officio member of the examination jury.



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