The 36th main summer school  
19-30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus  

CSC2013  19 – 30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus
Organised by CERN in collaboration with the University of Cyprus, Nicosia


Chair-person, Local Organising Committee, Prof. Panos Razis, University of Cyprus

Deputy Chair, Local Organising Committee, Dr. Fotis Ptochos, University of Cyprus


  Programme Highlight 


Data Technologies



The Data theme presents the state of the art technologies and options for data storing and management in specially demanding environment. It includes security and authentication aspects relevant to data management. The theme is equally divided between lectures and practical exercise sessions.


Base Technologies



The Base Technologies theme addresses a selection of the most relevant underlying technologies: software development security, advanced networking as well as computer architecture and performance tuning.


Physics Computing



The Physics Computing theme focuses on informatics topics specific to HEP. After setting-the-scene lectures, it addresses Software Engineering Techniques and Data Analysis. The lecturers come from Croatia, Norway, the USA and the UK to teach theory and organize practical work.

School Director
François Flückiger, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Registration is for the entire program. It is not possible to register for one theme only.

Enquiries and  Correspondence


All enquiries and correspondence related to the School should be addressed  primarily by email to:

Computing (dot) school (at) cern (dot) ch



In case of emergency or difficulty, contact:


Fabienne Baud-Lavigne
CERN School of Computing
CERN IT Department
CH-1211 Geneva 23

Telephone: +41 22 767 91 36
Telefax: +41 22 766 91 25

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68 1 Sep
Examination Results
Best Marks

In addition to its warmest congratulations to all the candidates who received the CSC diploma for their success in the examination and full attendance to the entire programme , the jury of the CSC final examination is pleased to announce the following distinctions


François Fluckiger, CSC Director

Awards for Best Marks
The following 5 students are ranking first and received the 2013 CSC Award.


Daniel Cervenkov


Charles University, Prague - Czech Republic


Ladislav Chytka

   Palackı University, Olomouc - Czech Republic 32 
 Ivan Kadochnikov    JINR, Dubna - Russia 32 
 Hanno Perrey    DESY, Hamburg – Germany 32 
 Laura Rueda    CERN 32 

2013 Best Mark award: all 5 students with pictures and bio

67 1 Sep
Examination Results

Special Distinctions

In addition to the 5 students who obtained the Best Mark of 32, the jury of the CSC examination is pleased to award a special distinction to the 6 students below who obtained a mark of 31 and ranked 6th.

6 Ioannis Agtzidis CERN 31
Lene Bryngemark University of Lund - Sweden 31
Charles Delort CERN 31
Jonas Kunze Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz - Germany 31
Martin Ljunggren University of Lund - Sweden 31
Aleksandra Wardzinska CERN 31 
2013 Special distinctions: all 6 students with pictures and bio
Individual marks can be provided to students upon request, by email, to the Examination Coordinator, Ivica Puljak (Ivica [dot] Puljak [AT] cern [dot] ch)
66 1

Photo Gallery
Keep posting to the  CSC 2013 Gallery after the end of the school.
In particular, pictures taken the last day, at the closing session and the final party.
CSC2013 Photo Gallery
65 1

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