Geoffray ADDE CERN
  I am from France. I received my PhD. in computer science from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in 2005. My PhD work was focused on "Imaging Processing Methods Applied to Magneto-Electro-Encephalography Inverse Problem". I have been a research engineer for 6 years at Electricité de France (EDF) in Energy Management, working on time series forecasting. I am now a staff member in the IT department at CERN in the Data Storage Services group. I am working on the evaluation of cloud storage solutions like S3 and OpenStack/Swift. I am also part of the EOS development team. The main goal of this project is to provide fast and reliable disk only storage technology for CERN LHC use cases. I'm currently using mainly C++ but I used to work also with MATLAB, R and Python.

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