13-24 August 2012 in Uppsala. Sweden
Organised by CERN in collaboration with eSSENCE and SNIC-UPPAMX at Uppsala University


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Welcome to CSC2012, the 35th edition of the CERN School of Computing.

I would like to warmly thank all those who made this edition of the CSC possible: all our lecturers, track coordinators, members of the advisory committee, the CERN administrative and technical staff, as well as our national co-organizer, the Uppsala University, and specially Prof. Ingela Nystroem, the chair person of the Local Organising Committee and the team working with her.

François Fluckiger, Director of the CERN School of Computing
Networking and socialization is the other goal of CSCs:See the Sports at CSC  and  This year Sports Programme.

Sports at CSC is supported by the CERN Medical Service and is part of CERN's  Move More - Eat Better programme


  • Do you know how to bridge Grids and Clouds using virtualization technology?

  • Is it possible to simplify LHC physics analysis using virtual machine?

  • How can reliable storage services be built from unreliable hardware?

  • Why are tapes still used in high energy physics data storage?

  • How can I write code for tomorrow’s hardware, today?

  • Do you want to see your software with attacker's eyes?

  • Can you hack your own code?

  • Do you know what do 'code injection' and 'integer overflow' have in common?

  • What's so special about High Energy Physic's data format?

  • What are the key statistical methods used in physics data analysis?


All the answers at CSC2012

Programme highlight

Data Technologies
present state of the art technologies and options for data storing and management

Base Technologies
addresses the most relevant underlying technologies for  software development
security, networking, hardware architecture

Physics Computing
focuses on the particular challenges the HEP community is facing for the LHC computing

Note: registration is for the entire programme. It is not possible to register for one theme only.

This year's lecturers

About CSC:

Since the early seventies CERN has organized the CERN Schools of Computing (CSC), usually held in August/September. They last two weeks and are open to postgraduate students and research workers with a few years of experience in particle physics, in computing or in related fields. Attendance ranges usually from 60 to 80 students, typically of 15 to 30 different nationalities.

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Organised by CERN in collaboration with eSSENCE and SNIC-UPPMAX at the Uppsala University


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