The 36th main summer school  
19-30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus  

How to Apply to CSC2013

Application period is closed


If you wish to apply to the CERN School of Computing 2013 (1) , you are invited to follow two steps:


  1. Fill out the Web-based Application Form and submit it electronically (not by hand-writing on a printed copy)

  2. After the submission, you will receive by email an Application Confirmation. It contains an account which will allow you to continue the registration process


Using the account you have received in the Application Confirmation email, provide as soon as available the following documents :

  1. Mandatory: A  Reference Letter signed by your Professor or Supervisor in your organization (on formal headed paper from the applicant's institute/organization).
    To help you, we have prepared a model of Reference Letter (
    Word version    ) that can be edited.
    How to provide it: upload the letter  on the Registration Portal  or ask your Professor or Supervisor to send it him/herself by email to computing (dot) school (at) cern (dot ) ch

  2. Mandatory: The Certification Form (PDF version    | Word version    ), signed by your Professor or Supervisor in your organization
    How to provide it: upload the form  on the Registration Portal 

  3. Optional: A small number of grants may be available to reduce the fees of applicants with exceptional financial difficulties.
    Only in case of request for a possible grant, a letter from you and/or your Professor/Supervisor explaining the reasons of the request for partial financial support must uploaded.
    Note that there is no guarantee at this stage that such grants be available.
    How to provide it: upload the form  on the Registration Portal 

The documents listed above under section 2.1 and 2.2 must be signed by your Professor or Supervisor in your organization.


The full application (web application + letter of reference + certification form + optional request for financial help) must be completed before  the 1st of May 2013.

Selection of participants

The number of participants is limited to 60.
he selection of the participants will be made by the Selection Committee and participants will be informed of the outcome of their application by the beginning of June 2013.

Note on Liability and Insurance

By his or her registration in the CERN School of Computing the participant acknowledges that he or she has taken note of and accepts the provisions regarding liability and insurance as specified on the  CSC web site (Practical Information).


Summary of application documents


Model of Reference Letter

Word version


Certification Form

PDF version

Word version

(1) Applications are for the entire programme. It is not possible to register for one theme only.


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