CERN School of Computing 2013
19-31 August, Nicosia, Cyprus

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Students are invited to propose a topic they would be interested in presenting, during a special one-hour session to take place the second Tuesday afternoon. Those selected will be invited to give a short presentation (in the order of 5 to 10 minutes maximum).

The presentation, in particular if short, would not necessarily require presentation material (such as PowerPoint slides)

The choice of topic is free but should be related in some way to the school. Examples, you may briefly talk about:

  • A scientific / technical topic (such as examples only)

    • HEP, HEP computing, on-line, off-line, , ...

    • HEP Sister disciplines, Computer science, ...

    • Other

  • Another topic (jury will judge the relevance)

Remember:  we are at the CSC, not at a conference:
Do not talk exclusively about yourself or about what you do at CERN or elsewhere. Focus on the knowledge you have acquired (via your current work or not)


Beware: 10 min  is extremely short. focus on the essential.

You may wish to see examples of topics selected in past years: 2011; 2010; 2009;2008;2007;2006


Note: if you are presenting in a group, please select one of you to use the login and password and write the names of all members of the group in the description.

Selected proposals and final programme

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