CERN School of Computing 2013
19-30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus

On-site practical information

Dinners at Hotel


Diners at the Hotels will either take place in the Kantara room, or outside on the Hiltonia Terrace, near the swimming pool.

( Except on three specific evenings, all dinner will take place


Kantara Room

Kantara Room


Sunday 18

Monday 19

Tuesday 20

Saturday 14

Monday 26

Tuesday 27

Wednesday 28

Thursday 29

1 Pass the front desk

2 Follow the corridor

3 Follow the corridor

4 Turn left when at the lift

View of the Hiltonia Terrace
Hiltonia terrace

Wednesday 21
Friday  23



On-site Practical Info


Directions on campus

Dinners at the Hotel

Facilities available

(cash dispenser,

currency exchange,

supermarket, shopping,

public transportation, taxis,



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