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Lecture Series 1

Fundamentals of Grid Technologies

Saturday 11 February 2005

09:00 12:25

Rüdiger Berlich


Fundamentals of Grid Technologies


Grid is at the onset of mainstream adoption in science and industry. Having originated from the need to process huge amounts of data in distributed compute centres, with the need to provide seamless and transparent access to thousands of people in different geographical locations, the meaning of the term "Grid computing" is changing. This series describes the roots and discusses different meanings of "The Grid", introduces technical components, standards and international Grid initiatives and takes a look at various Grid applications and use cases. A life demonstration of Grid techniques, based around the middleware gLite of the EGEE initiative, will be shown provided network connectivity is available.


Definition of Grid computing and middleware components

·          Definitions of Grid Computing: 

·          Key Question: "What is it ?"

·          Particular emphasis on Grids of the "Wide Area" type


·          Grid Components found in middleware of the "Wide area" type

·          Key Question: "What are the building blocks ?"

·          UI, CE, WN, local batch submission systems, RB  SE, …

Standards and Technologies

·          Key Question: "Which implementations exist?

·          The Globus Toolkit, with special emphasis on security


·          Grid Middlewares

-          Globus 2+4

-          LCG-2 + gLite

-          Unicore

-          AliEn

Applications and Grid Organization

·          Key Question: "What can you do with it ?"

·          Domain of applications

·          Illustration with existing scientific infrastructures (EGEE, others)

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