11-12 February 2006, T.I.F.R., Mumbai, India


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Lecture Series 5

Pragmatic Software Engineering


A few questions

  • Have you ever heard of Pragmatic Software Engineering?

  • Do you know how you can benefit from using enterprise design patterns in your applications?

  • Are you fully satisfied with the tools and methods to manage your software projects?

  • Do you think you know enough on easily monitoring the code quality and robustness of your applications ?

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Sunday 12 February 2005

13:30 16:55

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Pragmatic Software EngineeringH


What is Pragmatic Software Engineering? The adjective “pragmatic” here is not a qualifier chosen by chance for the title, but a emerging term used in the software profession.

The approach of Pragmatic Software Engineering aims at extracting the best of existing practices (ranging from project management to software patterns), and then to integrate them in a simple and practical manner.

After an introduction to the principle of Pragmatic Software Engineering, the lecture Series will cover Software Project Management, explaining the idea of “agile” projects, and reviewing tools such as Change Management and Defect Tracking. The lecture will then move on to Software Quality, something that everyone wants, but which is difficult to achieve in practice -this will include Functional Testing for Web applications, and Continuous Integration Testing. The lecture will finally address Enterprise Software Architectures, an area that academic circles are sometimes hesitant to use in practice, often because of its perceived complexity and steep learning curve. The lecture will try and demystify it and will show how to apply in a simplified way these theoretical principles to concrete cases.


Introduction to Pragmatic Software Engineering

·          How to manage software

·          How to enforce quality

·          How to benefits from software patterns in your architecture

… All of this with readily available tools (open source or commercial)

Lecture Series Overview

·          Pragmatic Software Projects

·          Pragmatic Software Quality

·          Pragmatic Enterprise Patterns

Pragmatic Software Projects

Recently  coined “agile” projects

·          Iterative development

·          “Extreme Programming”

·          Project Management Tools:

o         SCM (Change Management)

o         DDR (Defect Detection and Recovery)

o         Build Tools

Pragmatic Software Quality

·          How to measure code quality today

·          Focus on Testing and Building tools

o         Unit Testing

o         Functional Testing for web based applications

o         Testing Coverage

o         Continuous Integration

o         Soft approaches:

§          Peer reviews

§          Code reviews

Pragmatic Enterprise Patterns

·          Software Patterns Introduction

·          Enterprise Environment (EE) Software Introduction

·          EE Patterns Introduction

o         Directory Naming

o         Object Pooling

o         Object Caching

o         Object Relational Mapping

o         Web MVC

·          Pragmatic EE Patterns with the Spring Framework

·          Competitors

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