11-12 February 2006, T.I.F.R., Mumbai, India


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Fundamentals Series

1 Fundamentals of Grid Technologies

2 Computer Security 1:
Cryptography and
Security Protocol

3 Fundamentals of
Networking QoS

In-depth Series

4 Computer Security 2:
From Theory to Implementation

5 Pragmatic Software Engineering

6 Working with databases and database-centric interfaces

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Brice Copy



Brice Copy is working on the project planning tools used by CERN to supervise and monitor large projects such as the LHC construction, EGEE or the Atlas detector. He coordinates the technical effort and investigates development best practices that allow CERN to create web-based project management tools using best-of-breed open source frameworks.
Brice Copy previously worked as software engineer at the Oracle European development centre (Reading UK) where he worked on UML modeling tools and Java development frameworks.
He obtained a MSc in "Distributed Applications and Networks" from the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK) in 2000.



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