1st  Thematic CERN School of Computing 2013
3-7 June 2013, Split, Croatia

CSC Organisation and People at tCSC2013



Institutions involved in tCSC2013 organisation

is organized by CERN in collaboration  with the  University of Split (FESB)  

People involved in tCSC2013 organisation
CERN Central Management Unit
School Director François Flückiger CERN
Technical Manager Giuseppe Lo Presti CERN



Local Organizing Committee and On-site responsibilities/roles
Chairmanship Ivica Puljak Chairman Local Organizing Committee
University of Split (FESB)  
Local Organizing Committee Mario Cagalj Miscellaneous University of Split (FESB) 
Nikola Godinovic Miscellaneous University of Split (FESB) 
Marko Kovac Miscellaneous University of Split (FESB) 

All organizers with their biography

tCSC2013 is an event organized under the supervision of the CSC Executive Committee 2013
Chair-person Ivica Puljak   University of Split (FESB) 
Ex-officio AC members   François Flückiger School Director CERN
Giuseppe Lo Presti Technical Manager CERN
Frédéric Hemmer Head, IT Department CERN
Examination Coordinator Ivica Puljak   University of Split (FESB) 
Track Coordinators Sebastian Lopienski Base Technologies Theme CERN
Pere Mato Base Technologies Theme CERN
Alberto Pace Data Technologies Theme CERN
Arnulf Quadt Physics Computing Theme University of Göttingen
Are Strandlie Physics Computing Theme Gjĝvik University College

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The 1st thematic CSC

Cost and practical information
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3-7 June 2013, Split


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