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CERN School of Computing 2006  21 August - 1 September 2006 in Helsinki, Finland

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Optional Final Examination
will take place Thursday 31.08.2006

in the computer rooms, from 15:00 to 17:00 (exact times tbc)

Results: Students who passed successfully and distinctions


An optional examination is organized at the end of the school and formal certificates of proficiency are delivered by CERN in case of success. This may be used by some students also engaged in university curricula for obtaining credits.

Please note the following regarding confidentiality of the results.

CERN builds up over years the list of participants having successfully passed the CSC examination.

Therefore, the list of CSC2006 successful candidates will become public information.

By registering you accept that: Your name, your rank and your individual mark be published by CERN on the web or via other means, in the case you are one of the best students having succeeded in the examination, together with the personal picture and biographical information you provided at the time you registered to the school.
The number of best students being publicly distinguished will be decided by the examination jury.
Your name be published by CERN on the web or via other means, in the case you succeed in the examination, together with the personal picture and biographical information you provided at the time you registered to the school.

Specific Instructions to be posted later



You must register for the  Examination through the Registration Electronic Form.

Deadline: Tuesday 29th August, 24:00 (no late registration possible)

Examination data

For the examination only, you will get, when registering, two information you should remember:

  • Your Group Number (1st group or 2nd group)

  • Your machine number were you will have to sit (CSCnn)

    • nn = 01 - 25  Room A

    • nn = 26 - 50  Room B

Remember that brain has some kind of fuzzy logic when memorizing sequences like these, so please write it down

Form of the Examination

The examination is computer-based, in the form of multiple-choice  questions.

Each question has 4 proposed choices, only one being valid..

Practical Organization

The examination is organized in two rounds, with half of the registered candidates each time.

  • Group 1: 15:00 - 15:55 (TO BE CONFIRMED)

  • Group 2: 16:05 - 17:00 (TO BE CONFIRMED)



eExamination rules:

  • Strictly Individual

  • No document, No Internet, No home directory?

  • No communication between students

Examination results

The examination committee will analyze the results, and decide upon the pass / no-pass threshold.

The results of the examination will be available Friday 1st September.  

  • Name of those who successfully passed will be disclosed on the web

  • Names of those who failed will not be disclosed

  • Individual marks will not be disclosed, except the best marks

  • Individual marks may be requested directly by email to the Examination Officer, Wisla Carena


In case you give a wrong answer to a question, THERE IS NO NEGATIVE POINT

Your total mark is simply the number of questions to which you provided a correct answer


Students who passed successfully and distinctions




CSC Live


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