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CERN School of Computing 2006  21 August - 1 September 2006 in Helsinki, Finland

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Organized Excursions and Special Visit
Informal Tours

The non-sport social Programme has been designed by Aatos Heikkinen. It comprises:

  • Organized Excursions
  • A special organized visit
  • Informal tours
Full detailed programme from Aatos Heikkinen (pdf) Social Activities overall schedule

The Excursion Programme has been designed and organized by Aatos Heikkinen.

Organized Excursions

When What Organizer
Wednesday 23rd Organized Excursion to the Medieval town of Porvoo Aatos Heikkinen
Sunday  27th Organized Full-day excursion to the Aulanko National Park and H?me Castle  near H?neenlinna town Aatos Heikkinen

Informal Excursions
Details from AAtos's site

When What Organizer
Friday 25th 13:30 - 15:30 -Lunch time walk
Our tour takes us to the surroundings of Kumpula campus.
You will see the place where the city of Helsinki was founded in the year 1550,
as well as have a walk in a beautiful seaside and nature reservation.
(Departure from the entrance of the Sporting House).
Aatos Heikkinen
Friday 25th 22:00 - Bar and nightclubbing.  
Saturday  26th Informal Boat trip to Suomenlinna - Sea Fortress Aatos Heikkinen


The special visit has been organized by Jukka Klem

Special Organized Visit
Wednesday 30th of August Organized visit to Nokia Research Centre Jukka Klem

The Informal Tour Programme has been designed and organized by Aatos Heikkinen

Informal tours
Wednesday 30th of August Organized visit to Nokia Research Centre Jukka Klem



Medieval town of Porvoo Wednesday 23rd  August
Register on the pin-board list  before Monday 21th, 20:00
Half day excursion to Medieval town of Porvoo

Porvoo is To Be Written

12:05 Meeting point: the Hall of the Physics Department Building

The buses leave at 12:10 a.m. sharp for the tour

12:10: - xx:xx Travel to Porvoo by bus

Full itinerary.

To Be Written

  XX:XX: Lunch at To Be Written
  XX:XX: Free Time in Porvoo
  Return from Porvoo 

XX:XX: Meeting place and time: To Be Written

XX:XX: Arrival in Helsinki, XX Harbour

Aulanko park and  H?me Castle Sunday 27th August
Register  before Friday 25th , 18:00
Full-day excursion to the Aulanko National Park and H?me Castle  near H?neenlinna town

Aulanko is To Be Written


Meeting point and time: XX:XX in the lobby of Hotel Sokos.
The buses leave at XX:XX a.m. sharp for the tour


10:00 - 18:30 Travel to H?neenlinna by bus.

Full itinerary.


To Be Written

11:30: Visit to H?me Castle near H?neenlinna town


H?me Castle is To Be Written

12:30: Lunch in Aulanko Restaurant


13:45: Walk in Aulanko National Park



  17:00: Departure to Helsinki

Meeting place and time: tTo Be Written

18:30: Arrival in Helsinki, Hotel Sokos




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