CERN School of Computing 2012
13-24 August, Uppsala, Sweden



34 multiple choice questions were proposed.
After deliberation, the jury decided that all 34 questions should be validated. However, as there was a possible ambiguity on question 30, two possible responses have ben considered as valid for this particular question (those having chosen one of these two responses obtained the point attached to this question).

Pass / No-Pass threshold

To be declared as having successfully passed the examination, the student must have replied correctly to 50% or more than 50% of the questions. 

Number of correct answers for successful pass

Any student having replied correctly to 17 or more than 17 questions has been declared as having successfully passed the CSC examination

Number of successful students

55 students succeeded in the examination (updated 24th of August 2012).


  • CSC Diploma will be handed over to the students at the occasion of  the closing ceremony.

  • The students with the highest marks will be announced at the closing session Friday 26th of August.

  • ECTS Certificates will be given together with the CSC diploma.


Individual marks will be available on demand by email, after the closing session only, from Ivica Puljak (Ivica (dot) Puljak  AT cern (dot) ch).



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