CERN School of Computing 2012
13-24 August, Uppsala, Sweden

Introduction to Tennis at CSC

Tennis Afternoon, Wednesday 22 August. 

Register to Tennis Afternoon
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This year, the tennis courts are not within walking distance from the campus. Therefore, the traditional daily tennis lessons cannot be organized.

However, a tennis afternoon, including a tennis tournament is organized Wednesday 22 August. 

The tennis afternoon is open to everyone, beginners or more experienced players

  • Beginners may take this opportunity to get a first experience and practice tennis, but they are  also welcome to register to the tournament to accept  the challenge of meeting more experienced players.
  • The more  experienced players are all invited to join the tournament.


The tennis afternoon will take place in a tennis center located a couple of kilometers north of  the campus.

Transportation will be organized to the tennis place.

After the tennis session, the bus will drop those playing or supporting the football match to the football place. 
Four courts have been reserved

Rackets and balls will be provided, though those accustomed to their own racket nay wish to bring it.


Tennis Tournament

As part of the Tennis Afternoon, a tennis tournament is organised the Wednesday 22 of August (14:00- 16:00).

It is open to any  player, including beginners who may wish to accept  the challenge of meeting more experienced players. However, they may prefer to simply practice and they are mots welcome to do so.


Final Ranking



Christian Uria Eismar



Ivica Puljak




François Flückiger


Jiř Kunčar



Teodor Ivanoaica



Jaime Garcia Llopis



Daniel Dieguez



Gautam Botrel


Tennis tournament players

Group A


A1   Jiř Kunčar
A2   Gautam Botrel  
A3   Jaime Garcia Llopis  
A4   Felice Pantaleo
A5   Blazej Kolad

A6  François Flückiger



Group B

B1   Wolfgang Kiesenhofer  
B2   Daniel Dieguez  
B3   Christian Uria Eismar  
B4   Teodor Ivanoaica  
B5   Benjamin Radburn-Smith  

B6  Ivica Puljak



Match results

Group A - Round 1

A1   Jiř Kunčar  A2   Gautam Botrel  8 - 5 
A3   Jaime Garcia Llopis  A4   Felice Pantaleo 18 - 8 
A5   Blazej Kolad  A6  François Flückiger 1 - 23 
A1   Jiř Kunčar  A3   Jaime Garcia Llopis 13 - 7 
A2   Gautam Botrel  A4   Felice Pantaleo 13-12 
A3   Jaime Garcia Llopis  A5   Blazej Kolad 15 - 7 
A1   Jiř Kunčar  A6  François Flückiger 13 - 12
A2   Gautam Botrel  A5   Blazej Kolad 7 - 17 
A4   Felice Pantaleo  A5   Blazej Kolad 14 - 9 
A3   Jaime Garcia Llopis  A6  François Flückiger 7 - 17 
A1   Jiř Kunčar  A4   Felice Pantaleo 25 - 0 
A2   Gautam Botrel  A6  François Flückiger 5 - 26 
A1   Jiř Kunčar  A5   Blazej Kolad 27 - 0 
A2   Gautam Botrel  A3   Jaime Garcia Llopis 10 - 15 
A4   Felice Pantaleo  A6  François Flückiger 3 - 27 
Group B - Round 1
B1   Wolfgang Kiesenhofer B2   Daniel Dieguez 6 - 13
B3   Christian Uria Eismar B4   Teodor Ivanoaica 14 - 7
B5   Benjamin Radburn-Smith B6  Ivica Puljak  10 - 15
B1   Wolfgang Kiesenhofer B3   Christian Uria Eismar 5 - 13
B2   Daniel Dieguez B4   Teodor Ivanoaica 10 - 15
B3   Christian Uria Eismar B5   Benjamin Radburn-Smith 14 - 8
B1   Wolfgang Kiesenhofer B6  Ivica Puljak  10 - 14
B2   Daniel Dieguez B5   Benjamin Radburn-Smith 14 - 8
B4   Teodor Ivanoaica B5   Benjamin Radburn-Smith 20 - 3
B3   Christian Uria Eismar B6  Ivica Puljak  14 - 5
B1   Wolfgang Kiesenhofer B4   Teodor Ivanoaica 10 - 13
B2   Daniel Dieguez B6  Ivica Puljak  5 - 19
B1   Wolfgang Kiesenhofer B5   Benjamin Radburn-Smith 14 - 9
B2   Daniel Dieguez B3   Christian Uria Eisma 7 - 15
B4   Teodor Ivanoaica B6  Ivica Puljak 7 - 17

Semi-Finale 1

 A6  François Flückiger B3 Christian Uria Eismar  7 - 14 

Semi-Finale 2

B6  Ivica Puljak   A1   Jiř Kunčar 15 - 13 

Match for ranking 5 -6

 A3   Jaime Garcia Llopis  B4   Teodor Ivanoaica 8 - 10 

Match for ranking 7 -8

  A2   Gautam Botrel  B2   Daniel Dieguez 6 - 13 
 B3 Christian Uria Eismar 

B6  Ivica Puljak  

15 - 13 





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