School Evaluation Questionnaire

One of the CSC students duty, is to fill out the

School Evaluation Questionnaire before:1 Sept. 2012 Everyone Closed


We must check that every student actually submits a filled-in questionnaire. However, once submitted, the content of the received form is confidential an not connected to the identity of the submitter.

* Diploma and attendance certificates will be handed over to students having filled out the questionnaires.


We kindly ask participants to fill it out as they go along (e.g. after each series of lectures or exercises), and to not wait the last minute.
I particular, the questionnaire contains questions regarding appraisal of early classes, the memory of which may have blurred by the end of the school. 


  • Use your usual CSC login.

    • Your successive input will be recorded a you go along.

    • However, you will only be able to do the final submit at the end of school, after the last lecture

  • The questionnaire is strictly anonymous. After posting, no connection exists between the login identity and the questionnaire data in the database.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Copyright CERN

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