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CERN School of Computing 2008 25 August-5 September 2008 - Gjövik, Norway

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Egil Lillestol

 University of Bergen, Norway / CERN, Switzerland



Born 19.03.1938 in Bergen

High School 1956 in Bergen

Master of Science, January, 1964, University of Bergen

Philosophical Doctor Degree, 1970, University of Bergen


CERN fellow July, 1964 – May, 1967

Researcher, CNRS, College de France and Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, June 1967 – June 1969

Associate Prof. (amanuensis) Univ. of Bergen from July 1969 (“first amanuensis” from 1970)

Guest Researcher, College de France, 1973 - 1974

Full Professor in Experimental Particle Physics, University of Bergen from 1984

Paid Associate CERN, 1984 - 1985

Invited “distinguished professor” at CERN 1989 – 1993

Deputy Division Leader, CERN’s Physics Division 01.01.1990 – 31.12.1992

50% position at CERN with 50% leave of absence from University of Bergen from 1993

Director for CERN’s Physics Schools in Europe from 1992 and in Latinamerika from 2000.

Chairman for the Program of Subatomic Physics, Norwegian Research Council, 1994 – 1997.

Chairman of the working group for the Norwegian CERN Committee, 1998 – 2007.


Some other assignments

  • Norwegian representative in Restricted ECFA (European Committee for Future Accelerators) 1980 – 1989.

  • Chairmen in CERN’s ACCU (Advisory Committee of CERN Users) for two periods

  • Chairman, CERN Reports Editorial Board

  • Member of CERN Courier Editorial Board

Outreach Activities

  • From around 1975 numerous interviews in the written press as well as radio and TV-programs together with public talks in Norway and other countries. In particular could be mentioned a TV-program and two radio programs with Stephen Hawking, two 40 minutes TV-programs from CERN, participation in a Dutch feature movie “Part-time God”, 1992.

  • 1994, Co-author of the popular science book “Search for Infinity”, later translated to 11 languages.

  • 1998, Price as the best teacher at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Univ. of Bergen.

  • 2002, The Meltzerfond and University of Bergen’s outreach price.

  • 2007, The National Outreach Price (The Norwegian Research Council)

  • From 2005: a large number of conference and mass media presentations on global energy problems and the possibility of exploiting the Norwegian Thorium resources in Nuclear reactors based on new technologies


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