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CSC 2005
4 September - 17 September 2005 in Saint Malo, France

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Practical Information

Organised by CERN in collaboration with the CEA / Saclay

CSC Live 2005

Application to CSC2005 are CLOSED

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Programme highlight

GRID Technologies
delivers unique theoretical and hands-on education on some of the most advanced GRID topics

Software Technologies
addresses the most relevant modern techniques and tools for large scale, distributed software development

Physics Computing
focuses on the particular challenges the HEP community is facing for the LHC computing

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Grants from European Union available to participants to cover part or all of the cost of the school

About CSC:
Since the early seventies CERN has organized every year the CERN School of Computing (CSC) in one of the CERN Member States. CERN Schools of Computing, usually held in August/September, are open to postgraduate students and research workers with a few years of experience in elementary particle physics, in computing or in related fields. The participants come from all around the world and are typically of 15 to 20 different nationalities. A fraction of them come from outside the physics community, generally attracted by the advanced topics that are taught. Attendance is limited to 80 students.
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