6th  Inverted  CERN School of Computing 2013
25-26 February, CERN

Lecture 3

Theme: Introduction to Computer Vision

Lecture: Introduction to the human visual system and image pre-processing

A few questions addressed in the lecture

Monday  25 February


14:00 14:55


Introduction to the human visual system and image pre-processing

Samuele Carli
Martin Hellmich


This lecture gives an introduction to the problem of computer vision starting with a comparison of the human visual system to its artificial approximations.

It will give an overview of different example applications.

Later on it focuses on image acquisition processing techniques which are needed for higher level processing: basic entities representations, filters, transformations, image equalization and camera models.

Audience and benefits
This lecture targets everyone interested in the basic concepts behind vision, both human and artificial, as well as in basic image manipulation, filtering, enhancement and representation.

After this lecture the attendees are expected to have acquired a basic knowledge of the important concepts, properties and limitations of image acquisition systems and basic image manipulation techniques, and will be able to evaluate and compare different aspects of human and artificial vision systems.

This lecture can be followed by anyone having interest in the subject and basic knowledge in linear algebra and mathematics.
Nevertheless the main concepts explained in this lecture will be understandable by everyone.

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