6th  Inverted  CERN School of Computing 2013
25-26 February, CERN

Lecture 4

Theme: Introduction to Computer Vision

Lecture: Introduction to image feature detection and 3D reconstruction

A few questions addressed in the lecture

Monday  25 February


14:00 14:55


Introduction to image feature detection and 3D reconstruction

Samuele Carli
Martin Hellmich


This lecture introduces the concepts needed to obtain depth information from two or more images taken from slightly different angles.
It will cover the various steps necessary, from features detection and matching to triangulation techniques.

Audience and benefits
This lecture targets everyone interested in the basic concepts behind computer vision, how 3D cameras work and what are the necessary steps in order to reconstruction depth information.

After this lecture the attendees are able to understand the concepts behind 3D cameras (and movies) and are able to use this knowledge to mechanically reconstruct a scene as a cloud of 3D points.
They will be able as well to understand how stereo vision helps self-driving cars to estimate distances and avoid collisions.

This lecture can be followed by anyone having interest in the subject and with basic knowledge of linear algebra.

Lecture 1 of this lectures series is recommended if you are not familiar with the concepts of image manipulation and vision systems.
Nevertheless the main concepts explained in this lecture will be understandable
by everyone.

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