6th  Inverted  CERN School of Computing 2013
25-26 February, CERN

Lecture 6

Testing methods and tools for large scale distributed systems

Lecture: Testing for development, deployment and operation

A few questions addressed in the lecture

Tuesday  26 February


09:30 10:30


Testing for development, deployment and operation

Ramon Medrano Llamas



This lectures is comprised of two parts:
- tools and techniques for development and deployment
- tools and methods for large scale operation.

  • In the first part, new methodologies and tools that have arisen in the past few years not only to help the development but also to smoothly deploy features on live systems automatically driven by test results will be presented and compared.

    Keywords: SCM, agile methodologies, TDD, continuous integration, cloud deployments, legacy management, deployment rollback.


  • In the second part, modern methodologies and tools focused on operation will be presented. Based on live testing, auto recovery and proactive monitoring, they help reducing the fire fighting overhead and increasing the autonomy of the system.

    Keywords: DevOps, live testing, system wide profiling, autonomic computing, monitoring.


This theme is aimed at software developers interested in automating the quality assurance process of their software development projects and/or get a sneak peek on latest testing tools.

It also targets those involved in operation of computing systems willing to improve and expedite their response to incidents and requests.


The attendees are expected to gain an overview of the testing techniques, tools and motivations during the development process and why testing automation is essential. They will also get an overview of the new operational techniques based on improved relationships between development and operation teams.

Pre-requisite knowledge and dependencies

Little is required, but knowledge of common software tool chains, classic software development strategies and common software life will help fully benefit from the lecture.



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