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CERN School of Computing 2007 20-31 August 2007 - Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Inverted CSC (iCSC2008)

Involving students to deliver advanced education

This page is for CSC2006 and CSC2007students and organizers only. External postings are not welcome.

iCSC is a novel idea prototyped in 2005. iCSC2005 and  iCSC2006 were a two- to three-day series of lectures, organized and delivered by selected students of the previous CSC, but where the students went one step further, combining their skills and elaborating on CSC related subjects.

We are calling students present in Helsinki in 2006 and Dubrovnik in 2007 to make proposals. If we receive sufficient proposals of appropriate quality*, iCSC2008 will be an event of 1 to 3 days to take place at CERN in February or March 2008. Attendance will be free to anyone interested.

* Note: We know that the coming year will be extremely busy for several of you (LHC completion). Therefore, consider this as an opportunity but not as having any kind of moral obligation.

All on iCSCs


Sorry, the forum for posting ideas is closed.
The proposals are being analyzed.
Many thanks to all those who posted!

Note: Some postings make references to former postings by CSC2006 students in the fall 2006.

View messages posted in the fall 2006


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