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CERN School of Computing 2007 20-31 August 2007 - Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Programme highlights

Note: registration is for the entire programme. It is not possible to register for one theme only.

School Director
François Flückiger, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Chairman, Local Organising Committee
Ivica Puljak, University of Split (FESB)

GRID Technologies  

Software Technologies 

Physics Computing

The Grid track delivers unique theoretical and hands-on education on some of the most advanced GRID topics.

The Software track addresses the most relevant modern techniques and tools for large scale distributed software development and handling as well as for computer security. The lecturers will come from the USA and CERN to teach theory and organize practical work, as well as discussions on lessons learnt.

The Physics Computing track focuses on informatics topics specific to the HEP community. After setting-the-scene lectures, it addresses ROOT and on-line data acquisition technologies  It also offers a range of practical exercises on the topics.


Organised by CERN in collaboration with the University of Split (FESB) 



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All enquiries and correspondence related to the School should be addressed to:

Mrs Fabienne Baud-Lavigne

CERN School of Computing

CERN IT Department

CH-1211 Geneva 23


Telephone:  +41 22 767 42 62

Telefax:        +41 22 766 91 25

E-mail:    Computing (dot) school (at) cern (dot) ch

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