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CERN School of Computing 2006  21 August - 1 September 2006 in Helsinki, Finland

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Practical Information

Date and Place

The 29th CERN School of Computing will be held at Kumpula Campus at the University of Helsinki, in Finland from Monday 21 August to Friday, 01 September 2006(1)



(1) Students will have to arrive on the Sunday 20 August and leave on the Saturday  02 September 2006.


More information on Finland


The School is open to postgraduate students and research workers with a few years' experience in elementary particle physics, in computing or in related fields.  The number of participants will be limited to 80.  Applicants may come from CERN Member States as well as from countries that are not Member States of CERN.

Personal contacts and informal discussions among the participants during leisure time are an important aspect of the School.  For this reason, participants are asked to note that they should not be accompanied by family members or friends.


Hotel Address

Participants will be accommodated in the Sokos Hotel Presidentti situated in the town of Helsinki and will be lodged in comfortable double rooms with private bathrooms (that is, they will share the double room with a schoolmate)


SOKOS Hotel Presidentti

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4
00100 Helsinki



Tel:  +358 (0) 20 1234 608

Fax: +358 (0) 9 1234 886



The working language of the School will be English. There will be no simultaneous translation. Participants should therefore have sufficient understanding of English to enable them to benefit from the School.



Participants should reach Helsinki for registration during the afternoon or early evening of Sunday, 20 August.  Registration will take place at the SOKOS Hotel Presidentti

  • You should note that lunch on the day of arrival is not provided..

  • The School will end on the morning of Saturday, 02 September 2006 after breakfast.


The Helsinki airport is Helsinki-Vantaa ,  21km from SOKOS Hotel Presidentti. 

Buses services are available from the airport to downtown Helsinki: Finnair City Bus.

Finnair City Bus has a stop in front of the International Flights Terminal2

The bus operates daily according to the same schedule: every 20 minutes from 05:45AM until 01:10AM (Timetable: The cost of 1 way ticket is 5,20euros and the travel time is 35 minutes.  (Please note that taxis receipts will not be reimbursed by CSC).

The bus stop near the SOKOS Hotel Presidentti will be the Helsinki Railway station.

The Helsinki Railway station is situated at ~300 m from SOKOS Hotel Presidentti (5 minutes walk).


You can find a map of Helsinki and the surroundings via


Insurance and responsibilities

Participants should ensure that they are adequately insured for health and accidents for the duration of the School and during their travel, to cover sickness, accidents and medical repatriation.  This includes health problems and accidents occurring during any activity organized by CERN or by the local organizers such as but not limited to lectures and exercises, excursions and visits, sport and entertainment activities. CERN has no obligation in this regard and does not accept any responsibility for such coverage.


Furthermore, CERN is not responsible for any loss of damage occurring  to participant properties whatsoever during their travel to the school or during their stay at the school.


The cost of the School per participant comprises three components:

  1. The Fees: 300 Euros

  2. The Living Expenses: 1200 Euros

  3. The Travel Expenses to and from the school location

The sum of the Fees plus the Living Expenses, that is 1500 Euros, should be paid to the account below prior to the school. This amount covers

  • tuition and handouts

  • lunch and two daily coffee breaks at Kumpula Campus; accommodation and dinner at the SOKOS Hotel Presidentti, from dinner on Sunday, 20 August to breakfast on Saturday, 02 September 2006. 

  • transport from the hotel to the Kumpula Campus at the University of Helsinki, from Monday 21st of August to Friday 1st of September 2006

  • some social activities, of which details will be given at a later time..

Note on costs

  • Participants are warned that all meals will  have a common menu. There will be no a-la-carte facility. It will not be possible to accommodate special dietary restrictions.

  • Participants arriving before Sunday evening 20th of August or leaving after Saturday 2nd of September will be entirely on their own: the school will neither arrange for their accommodation nor will cover any cost associated to their extended stay.

  • Any extra cost incurred during the stay (including private excursions, private expenses at hotel, private transport costs, private meals, ...) will not be born by the school organization.

The sum of 1500 Euros does not include travel expenses from the participants' working place to the SOKOS Hotel Presidentti and back. Participants are on their own to organize their travel to and from the school location.


Method of

Part or all of the Fees and Living Expenses above, as well as part or all of the travel costs may be reimbursed to participants eligible for grants that CERN has obtained from the European Union 6th Framework Programme.  See Grants to cover living costs, travel costs and fees.


The sum of 1500 euros should be paid prior to the school into the following account upon receipt of the letter of acceptance.


CERN Computing and Data Processing School
a/c no. 279-C7 758.112.0
UBS SA. Genève
CH-1211 Geneva 23

IBAN: CH82 0027 9279 C7758112 0


Grants to cover living costs,
travel costs and fees

As part of a European Commission 6th Framework Programme project, part or all of the Fees and Living Expenses above may be reimbursed. In addition, part or all of the Travel Expenses may also be reimbursed.


Please note that administrative expenses such costs associated with visas are will not be reimbursed.


See How to apply for details.


Candidates should ensure that not only have they completed the web application form, but that a signed formal letter of reference (on formal headed paper from the applicant's institute/organization) from their professor or supervisor, reaches the School Administrator (Mrs Fabienne Baud-Lavigne) by 15th of May 2006 at the latest. 

In addition, a certification form (PDF version | Word version) must be filled in and signed by the applicant's professor or supervisor (and not by the applicant) and returned to Mrs. Fabienne Baud-Lavigne by 15th of May 2006.


Applications received after 15th of May 2006 will not be considered.


The selection of the participants will be made by the Advisory Committee and participants will be informed of the outcome of their application by the middle of June 2006.

Note: applications are for the entire programme. It is not possible to register for one theme only.

Selection  of participants

The number of participants is limited to 80.

The selection of the participants will be made by the Advisory Committee and participants will be informed of the outcome of their application by the middle of June 2006.


The CERN School of Computing Advisory Committee reserves the right to refuse reimbursement of part or all of the fee in the case of late cancellation.  However, each case of cancellation would be considered individually.



In all cases of withdrawal or cancellation, whether last-minute or otherwise, the choice of a replacement, if any, will lie entirely with the Advisory Committee and not with the laboratory concerned.


Enquiries and

All enquiries and correspondence related to the School should be addressed to:

Ms Fabienne Baud-Lavigne

CERN School of Computing

CERN IT Department

CH-1211 Geneva 23


Telephone:  +41 22 767 4262

Telefax:  +41 22 767 49 00/766 91 25



Feedback: Computing (dot) School (at) cern (dot) ch
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